The Haggai Vision


Words of Deliverance Worldwide Ministries (WODWM) is a church with the mission of “Empowering the People to Build the Community!” Originally founded as a personal outreach ministry with the primary objective of sharing the gospel of Christ through providing spiritual, educational and social events and activities throughout the community that stressed Godly growth, accountability and responsibility the mission has continued to evolve. In our Genesis stage we have shared buildings and ministered from a hotel, but the growing demands of ministry require that we are no longer able to operate without our own, thus the transition demands a change in location.

Throughout the scriptures, the Lord called his people to give generously. This demonstration of kindness is shown through our gifts, time and financial resources. The expression of your liberal contribution will be greatly honored, as a family at Words of Deliverance Worldwide Ministries we are aware that money can be a central theme to some ministries and this presentation brings a negative impact to the purpose of the church. However, we believe in a biblical and balance approach by trusting our heavenly Father to meet the financial needs of our church through the genuine hearts of everyone.

Our giving is viewed as an act of worship to God and each generous gift that is received will be place towards the building we believe God has given to us. While we are in position for exclusive rights to possess ownership, we also understand that with every vision there is a need for provision.

This is where you come in; your seed will help us to reach our goal of raising $65,500 for our building renovations. Our goal is to raise this money over the next three to six months, YES, our faith is being stretched. In addition to soliciting cash donations, we have planned a number of other fundraising events to help us reach our financial goals. You can find out more about these planned activities on our website. Any amount that you feel led to contribute will be gratefully accepted. We do realize that in challenging financial times like these, not everyone will be able to make cash donations so we ask for your prayers of faith. For those who can, we are asking that you would believe with us by making your contribution to the ministry.

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