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Dr. Nikita C. Garris-Watson is an educator, spiritual leader, author and trendsetter. Recognized as the Stiletto Preacher, she is a humble and willing servant of the Lord and His people.  A survivor of childhood and adult physical, sexual and emotional abuse, she has chosen to use the painful tests, trials and tribulations of her life, not as excuses for failure, but rather as battle axes and weapons of war to bring Deliverance to the Neighborhood and the Nations.


A licensed and ordained minister and affirmed Apostle; Dr. Garris-Watson has been blessed by strong ministerial training and leadership affording her the opportunity to serve the body of Christ in many capacities both nationally and internationally.   Professionally she is the Director of a college preparatory program and an Adjunct Professor.  Dr. Garris-Watson views wisdom as a gift from God and thus has earned a Bachelor’s, two Master’s degrees and a Doctorate of Ministry along with other post-graduate work.   


Dr. Garris-Watson or “Dr. Ki” as she is affectionately known, is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Words of Deliverance Worldwide Ministries (WODWM) a non-denominational mobile ministry and CEO of Dr. Ki Enterprises a social enterprise with connections in the faith and public sector.  Likened to the Old Testament female judge Deborah, she originally founded WODWM as an outreach ministry, with the primary objective of sharing the gospel of Christ, with the laboring to provide spiritual, educational and religious events throughout the community. Major emphasis was placed on spiritual growth coupled with individual accountability and responsibility.  Even with the evolution from outreach to church, the primary focus of WODWM has been building and maintaining relationships both inside and outside the church that positively impacts the individual and the community.  The fundamental goal is not to be mega but to matter.   Operating under the mandate of executing excellence, Dr. Ki has traveled extensively both nationally and internationally to conduct workshops, revivals and seminars.  She has been featured in print, on the radio and via television throughout her ministry career.   Having been recognized for her ongoing contributions to the church and community, she is most committed to bringing change to the lives of those she can personally touch.  


With the release of her first book in 2016, entitled Damaged But Destined: So What? Now What! Dr. Garris-Watson became a best seller in the first week of its release.  She published her second book, Damaged but Destined the Deliverance Diary: Provoked by the Proverbs in 2017. Scheduled for release in 2021 are three highly anticipated books Yes, I Fainted: Faith After Failure coming in the Fall, Walking in Wisdom a Daily Discipline co-written with her sister releasing in August and in July Real, Relevant and Raw: Redefining Relationships, coauthored with her husband, spun from their workshops and conferences centered on the healing and maintenances of relationships.   Understanding the importance of transparency to transformation, Dr. Ki’s book tours have turned into testimonials of cathartic breakthroughs.


A recognized champion for the underrepresented, Dr. Ki also serves as President of WORD, Inc. a non-profit organization devoted to helping individuals overcome life’s most challenging circumstances. Designed to help the community through Wisdom, Opportunity, Resources and Directions, the organization provides homeless assistance, educational and sports programs for the youth, health and wellness for families, career readiness and job placement, abuse and addiction recovery services.  Dr. Ki envisions the ultimate goal of WORD, Inc. being able to reduce the rate of poverty, recidivism, homelessness, domestic violence, academic failure and ultimately hopelessness that has oppressed so many.


Dr. Ki is married to “the answers to her prayers wrapped in flesh,” the Bishop James E. Watson, Executive Pastor of WODWM and together they share two sons and two daughters.  Although striving to greatly impact the Kingdom, they share the belief that family is a ministry like none other and should be protected at all cost.

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