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WODWM Bootcamps are spiritual learning experiences bundled into short, intensive, and rigorous curriculums covering a variety of spiritual topics to strengthen or increase the understanding of those in attendance.  Sessions designed to prepare participants to merge information with application.

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Past Bootcamps

  • Preacher's Bootcamp 

  • Real, Relevant, and Raw Couple's Bootcamp 

  • Single, Sanctified, and Satisfied 

  • Christians and Credit 

  • Faith and Funding 

  • Intercessory Prayer 

  • Leading while Following 

  • Spiritual Discipline

  • Spiritual Growth 

  • Spiritual Gifts 

  • Membership or Discipleship

  • Leadership and Discipleship 

  • Character and the Call 

  • Salvation 

  • Old Testament 

  • New Testament 

  • How We Got the Bible 

  • Wife Life 

  • Husband Huddle 

Upcoming Bootcamps

  • Jan - June 2021 - Prophetic Bootcamp 

  • April 2021 - Birth that Baby (Pushing Out Purpose)

  • August 2021 - Real, Relevant, and Raw 

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